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9ff Panamera Interior - Click Here

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9ff concentrates on power! Nevertheless the company offers an aerodynamic package. The kit features new bumpers including rear diffusor and front lip, as well as side skirts. There's also a sports exhaust system with larger endings in 2x2 layout.

Mainly thanks to the sleek wheel design, the side view of the Panamera by 9ff does not appear as uncompromisingly sporting as other conversions do, however it has got classy and business-like distinction this way.

Wheel size is 22 Inch. Optics of the front and the rear are a bit different. Large intakes and a diffusor respectively point out the approach of the tuners. And this is performance! So there are several engine upgrades ranging from 550 to 650 Hp and 760 to 850 Nm as maximum.

In view of these rates, those who know the company might guess that not all is said and done! Being committed to ultra powerful conversions, 9ff possibly won't miss out on making their Panamera the world's fastest four-door car, tackling Brabus' all-out Mercedes creations.

Porsche Panamera by 9ff - click here for wallpaper

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