Porsche 9ff Speed9

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The Dortmund-based
Porsche tuners of 9ff
show a classic appro-
ach in an up-to-date

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Porsche have lately presented the
puristic Boxster Spyder which has got in addition to some racing features - a shortened windscreen. 9ff, the record hunters amongst the German Porsche tuners, now show a similar approach on this year's national tuning vanity fair, the Essen Motor Show. The thing is called 9ff Speed9 and bases on the bigger 911 model.

Besides an aerodynamic package and a shorter windshield, it features a bi-turbo engine producing 650 Hp. Mainly larger chargers, a modified exhaust system and enhanced air cooling and supply cause the addi-
tional power. 19 inch wheels bearing 235 and 295 mm wide tyres provide the grip needed. Interior can be covered by both a soft or a hard top.

Under the roof the Speed9 features the usual refinements such as leather/Alcantara all around and a speedo with 400kph dial, for example. Suspension, exhaust and brake system have also been adapted to the increased performance. 9ff's Speed9 conversion can be ordered as a complete vehicle, but remodelling of a customer's car is offered as well, if its name is 997 Turbo Cabrio.

Porsche 9ff Speed9

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