Porsche Cayenne Diesel by TechArt
Porsche Cayenne Diesel by TechArtPorsche Cayenne Diesel by TechArt

Tuning for the Porsche Cayenne Diesel

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Porsche Cayenne by JE Design
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Porsche have put in a Diesel motor to the Cayenne's engine bay. So the tuners now introduce respective conversions. TechArt were the first to present a redesigned car. Disappointingly it only features exterior refinements plus a sports steering wheel and aluminium pedals!

As with the petrol driven models, the one with the diesel engine could be decorated by plenty of add-on parts, wheels in up to 22 inch, electronic lowering and double end tips. But, TechArt ain't got no upgrade for this
motor so far!

Porsche Cayenne Diesel by JE Design
The competitors from JE Design call their conversion the 'Progressor', and at least regarding engine tuning they are a step ahead. Thanks to modified motor management, JE's Cayenne Diesel generates 285hp instead of 240 as standard.

When it comes to styling, the house offers a complete range too. Because we'd recently covered JE's design programme for the Porsche Cayenne, only a link to this article is added. So if you want to learn more, just
click > here...!
Porsche Cayenne Diesel by JE Design
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