Porsche Boxtser by Rieger Tuning

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20 Inch wheels for the Audi A3

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Porsche Boxtser by Rieger Tuning
Reiger Tuning from Eggenfelden in Bavaria present several new cars at Essen. Besides items for the Ford Focus, Opel's Corsa, VW's new Polo, an Audi R8 - which we will introduced here at a later date - add-on parts for the recently overworked Porsche Boxster are amongst the newnesses.

The offerings for the roadster from Zuffenhausen include rocker panels rear bumper extension and front bumper, as well as various inserts for these parts such as LED day driving lights. Also the tail lights can be retrofitted by ones with LED lamps. A rear muffler with 2 end tips, wheels and a pedal set round off Rieger's Porsche Boxster item list.

Porsche Boxtser by Rieger Tuning
VW Golf GTI Mk VI by Rieger Tuning
VW Golf GTI Mk VI by Rieger Tuning
When it comes to car tuning, the VW Golf is one of the most important cars in Germany. First because it's the best sold vehicle in the market and second the sporty GTI model attracts customers who pay attention to sportiness and individuality.

Rieger Tuning had already been redesigning the first generation. And also the sixth one gets some overworks from Eggenfelden in the form of add-on parts and further components. Front spoiler, side skirts and rear bumper insert change the looks of the car body's lower edges.

VW Golf GTI Mk VI by Rieger Tuning

In addition, many items to match the body parts can be ordered. One of them is a rear muffler featuring 2 end tips. But there also are meshes and ducts to let fresh air in. A wide variety of wheel sets, lowering kits and many more is offered by Rieger Tuning too - not only for the GIT alone.

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