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Spreading unbelievable rumours regarding Rolls Royce seems to be something like a hobby for their bosses. Recently CEO Ian Robertson stated that tradition would even allow them to bring out an SUV model. Okay, that's nothing but a suggestion however, what was it good for? Did he want to make us believe that the most reputable luxury car maker prepares such a thing? No, because he explicitly added that they aren't working on one!

And even more recently, BMW Group's Design Director Adrian van Hooydonk followed by another surprising statement when he said that he can imagine a smaller Rolls Royce car for the city. Sounds as if the car makers consider a model series smaller than the soon-to-come 'baby' Rolls Royce, called: the Ghost (RR4). This one is going to get a 6.6 Litre V12 engine. No doubt, such numbers indicate that there is room for a smaller aggregate, especially in times
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