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Or did he talk of a 2-seater, in the manner
of Aston Martin's Cygent - a redesigned Toyota iQ that is aimed at offering AM's customers something small to go to town!? This idea admittedly seems as likely as the King of Pop's resurrection for a nightly concert at Royal Albert Hall! One more probable scenario is an electro motor's use on a Rolls Royce motor car.

Because, it offers almost noise free driving what matches Rolls Royce comfort approach in a perfect way. Only problem, today's battery capacities aren't sufficient to leave the combustion engine out. In this case however, a smaller engine could be used and would presumingly be accepted by the more conservative-minded, hard-to-please customers of the house too.

Even more as mother company BMW has some interesting constructions in stock. Basically both RR models come into question for a hybrid option. The smaller car, the Ghost, however, seems to be more suited for this. Its dimensions are simply more practical because its lower weight would make fuel consumption rates possible, which are completely unusual for a car with this label.

Besides this it could become a good deal for BMW too as tomorrow's Rolls Royce owners will probably be keen on possessing both models. While the bigger Phantom will be used for longer distances outside of the city, a hybrid Ghost enables entering London lordly yet in a political correct manner. That Micheal Jackson will not be playing at Royal Albert Hall then is no problem, after all a Rolls Royce car featuring 8 cylinders only is sensational enough!

Rolls Royce Drawings

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