SAAB Aero X Concept
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SAAB is now sold to Spyker from the Netherlands - a sports car maker which is as exclusive as it is small. So the Swedish make seems to have a future. But, SAAB have been unprofitable for almost three decades, and it's hard to believe that their new Dutch owner has the means needed for a sustainable turnaround. That may be possible, but it takes hundreds of millions of Euros. So far there are no hints the money is to be invested.

Spyker boss Victor Muller, on the other hand, appears pretty optimistic, but he keeps silent regarding financial backing. Instead he fantasises about the future line up. In an Interview he lately said that the concept car Aero-X would be the right thing for SAAB. Yes, but economical aspects don't speek in favor for this project! Even when Spyker's hardware is put under the body of the concept car, the thing is likely to remain way too expensive.

The new 9-5 is more suitable to bring moeny in. It's ready for production and it features the latest technologies, meeting today's standards. By means of good marketing and customising options, it should be the right hardware to turn SAAB into what they were once: A brand for discerning individualists. Nonetheless, mega companies such as Toyota and Volkswagen invest dizzying amounts of money on future technologies, so that even Mercedes' mother company Daimler feel too small.

So how could Spyker successfully compete with Audi, Lexus and Mercedes? What they definitely need is as strong partner. GM could play this role, under the condition they become competitive and survive themselves! Because, Toyota and Volkswagen won't hardly be keen on supporting a rival of Lexus and Audi respectively. Even small specialists such as Fisker and Tesla have other interests than sharing niches with bigger ones.

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