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In Germany, it is not allowed to modify a car techni-
cally unless there's an official approval by the TÜV or any other certified testing asso-
ciation. However, because parts and permissions are expensive, many fall back to self-made components and do-it-yourself solutions. That's cheaper, but it can be po-
tentially dangerous.
Porsche 9ff Speed9

To keep young people from harming themselves and the revenues of the established tuners, the Bundesverkehrsministerium (German ministry of transport) and the national tuning association VDAT have established a campaign named 'Tune it! Safe!'. No, it's no translation – it really has got this English name.

Every year a tuned police car is created to be exhibited as an attention getter at the Essen Motor Show and afterwards on other events. This year the eye catcher comes from AC Schnitzer in the form of a jazzed up BMW 123d. Of course it features every item the noted BMW tuners offer for Munich's smallest model series.

In addition, day driving lights from Hella are attached. And the flashing lights on the roof are supplied by this company as well. Tyres come from Hankook and films by Foliatec round off the conversion, and turn turn the 1-series into a police car. For more information please see link list at the right of this text.
Porsche 9ff Speed9

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