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It wasn't a secret that VW's concept car New Compact Coupe, showcased at the Detroit Motor Show, was made to present the next Jetta. But, usually this one is a four-door car. There already were 2-door Jettas basing on the first and the second generation, in the 1970's and 80's. However Wolfsburg gave up on this later.

And, the first ones had been cars with just lacking rear doors, rather than they were real coupes. With the fourth generation Volkswagen did already raise some hope for at least a follow-up model of this kind by presenting a two-door concept vehicle, but they never put it into production. With the 6th version things should be different, reportedly.

This time Wolfsburg are going to make it come true again, the German press says. This makes indeed strategically sense. Volkswagen want to increase sales. And the Jetta is one of the key products of this plan. Its main market is North America and the Teutons anticipate significant potential for growth in the USA. By a further option, meaning the two-door, the number of buyers could be increased.

To meet Amercian demands even better, the Jetta's wheelbase is larger than that of the model it's derived from, the Golf. In addition Wolfsburg prepared their mid-size series for several markets. While the cars for Europe will be consequently premium, the ones for America are going to feature some cheaper details - such as a simpler rear axle even having drum brakes on the entry model - to meet the Toyota Corolla's price there.

However, time will tell whether the Americans will accept some technical savings in favour of the price, or VW start to ruin their image by this strategy. And, at the moment it's not clear how much the two-door will be, whether it's going to be cheaper than the 4-door because of the lacking rear doors, or whether they try to position it as coupe at a higher price.

Volkswagen Jetta Mk VI dashboard

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