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Sports car maker Porsche showcased a sensational concept at the Geneva motor show. While its styling was good, but no revolution at all, technically the thing seems to be one. It is claimed to consume only 3 litres of petrol at 100km and, it's powerful enough to beat even the Carrera GT's lap times.

Yes, it may be, but both cannot be achieved at the same time! It's just a show car. Porsche say they are still checking whether it could be put into production. Which also depended on the feedback at the Swiss auto show. Great, because, feedback was pretty good! Reading between the lines of Porsche boss Michael Macht, the 918 is very likely to be realised.

The concept features an 8-cylinder engine plus three electro motors. Insiders say making a road legal vehicle takes about two and a half year, but a racing version could be ready to go much sooner. Rumours have it that Zuffenhausen plan to join the famous 24 hours of Le Mans with the thing! And if they do so, there will be road-legal version to follow.

A M E N D M E N T :   The Porsche board decided in a session on 28. July 2010 July to develop a production model of the 918 Spyder concept car to be produced in a limited series. A lunche date has not been announced by the car maker.

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