2011 Mercedes CLS by  Carlsson

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CLS drawing
2011 Mercedes CLS by  Carlsson

Carlsson present the first images of their spiced up Mercedes CLS at which an aerodynamic kit underscores the dynamism of the car. Furthermore there are several 19 and 20 for for the flat Merc. Lowering and exhaust tuning round off the exterior modifications.

Power upgrades are going to be available for the CGI 350 model, by which output is bettered from 306 to 333 Hp. Thus the standard sprint time shortens by 0.2 seconds, to 5.9.

Carlsson's 350 CDI model achieves this rate too, however increase is more significant here. Thanks to a control unit, named C-Tronic DIESEL POWER, a plus of 20% is offered. Instead of 265 on standard, 320 ponies push the car forward.

Further items with the Carlsson logo are provided to refine the cabin. And those who are keen on having that at the boot can order a Carlsson floor mat even for the cargo compartment, besides finer upholstery and selected electronic equipment.
2011 Mercedes CLS by  Carlsson

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