New Porsche 550 and New Porsche Cayman Targa - Artitst's Impression
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Cayman Targa concept,

Image 1:
Cayman S II Targa
Image 2:
550 Roadster
Image 1:
Panamera-based 2-door

These images are an
impressions of future
Porsche cars by
Lutz F. Valdeig.

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Image 4:
2008 Lamborghini
Estoque Concept

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Last months' reports on Porsche's future told us much about new models. And indeed, the German sports car makers strive for a huge growth. While the CEO of their main shareholder Volkswagen, Herr Martin Winterkorn, sees a limit at 150,000 cars a year, Porsche's boss, Herr Matthias Müller, is of the opinion that the make can be stretched to over 200,000 units, within in just seven years time. By the way, 2010's sales were at under 100,000.

For that he's not only focusing on new model series, such as the baby SUV Cajun and the Projekt 550, that is a new entry model basing on Volkswagen's mid engine platform. Further variants of the current cars are considered - although there's already a wide, unfathomable variety at this. One of his most remarkable ideas is bringing out a Targa version of the Cayman too.

But in this case, not today's concept - at which a big electric moon roof lets fresh air in - could be used. Instead the Porsche CEO aims at the original approach, which features a detachable roof panel. First this is airier. And second it's cheaper. But third, it's not new. Already in 2007 we introduced such a Cayman on our website, as the Cayarga Concept. See link at the right to read more.

Furthermore a two-door bigger than the 911 model is set on the agenda. This could either be realised on the basis of the next 911, or on the Panamera's. In that case the thing would have a Grand Torismo layout, rivalling cars the likes of a Maserati GT or the big Mercedes 2-doors. Whereas the use of the 911 would hint to a more sporty character. Even the drivetrain of the forthcoming super car 918 could be transplanted to it. Then Maranello would be in its line of fire.

Big Porsche Coupe - Artist's Impression

Due to Volkswagen, Porsche got resources for this growth. Besides their factories, there are further capacities made available by the takeover of the long-established Osnarbrück- based toll manufacturer Karmann. And Porsche's facility at Leipzig is likely to be extended too. The risk however is that an extension at the lower end of the line up will damage exclusivity and reputation of the brand.

To avoid this, CEO Matthias Müller pays attention to resharpening the cars' character. He wants the future Porsche cars to be sportier and more uncompromising than they are nowadays. At least the company should spent some efforts on preserving a sporty character, because some of the new offers will have to share DNA sections with VW and Audi cars, at 20% higher prices. And, at the same time, any Porsche model line gets a hybrid option, as reliable sources report.

Just as Porsche, Lamborghini is on the look out for new niches. One had been seen in a smaller model, however this idea was very soon rejected. The same for a supposedly obvious vehicle: An SUV. This idea comes frequently up because the Italians once have had such a thing with the 1980's LM 002 off road model. But today, Lamborghini will be kept focused on sports cars.
2008 Lamborghini Estoque Concept

Third and hottest option is a four door. With the Estoque concept such a thing has already been introduced in 2008. But due to the upcoming crises it didn't had a chance at that time. Now, as global economics have recovered, the Italians continue with this project, as even Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann confirms.

Next newness is the Lambo successor of the Murcielago, which will be called the Avantador. It is going to feature lots of components from carbon. Unlike the 4-door. It won't hardly be as uncompromising as the Avantador. It is considered to be a business car with driving manners suitable for everyday use - to compete against Porsche's Panamera and Aston Martin's Rapid.

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