January 2004 calendar sheet: Porsche Carrera GT

The interest in our desktop calendar link list was immense, higher than expected! But the calendars of Maserati and Maybach, two things that were main attractions in this article, haven't been renewed for 2004, exactly as we launched this item! Believe us, we are considerably angry with it. Fu.. sh...! Thus the item isn't worth our while. The more so as we intended to add it to our link list as an additional category. On the other hand, why shouldn't we infer from the huge run on this list, that providing our own wallpaper calendars wouldn't make our site more attractive?

Yes, we said that we don't have the time for things like that at the end of the year, but so we just create them at the year's beginning or in between, making them monthly available. The number of visitors interested in the calendar list suggests it is worth a try. For the rest of January we pro-
vide this one above. The February issue is safe as well and then, the download statistics will tell us if, and how, we will proceed. Simple thing! Isn't it? You guess, the wallpaper is gettable the usual way. Means, click the image above and install the wallpaper as your computer desk-
top image.

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