Maybach 60 Coupe concept

The reactions to our concepts are very differing, as past showed. Some was enthusiastically accepted, others didn't find agreeing public such as the drafts of our article on Porsche's future plans. Okay, they were only made to illustrate the item and we referred to this fact on the first site of this report. But this remained unmentioned in the GermanCarFans forum, where all four images of this article were shown. Logically one guy said these are just photoshops and, bad ones - as he added. The other forum users mainly agreed to his point. Another very much unexpected occurence was a German guy being of the opinion that we have stolen his idea of a Aston Martin Shooting Break. Curiously he took the same press photo to remodel it to such a car. We naturally contacted him to say that we just had the same idea and that our AM wasn't inspired by his one.

Finally he admitted that the carmaker's history suggests a car like that. Another concept that stands to reason is a Maybach Coupe. The Maybach Manufaktur is currently developing a car like this and so we designed one to show how it could look. Says, we don't state that car car is going to look like this draft. And yes, it's a photoshop, it's our conception of how we would make it. Of course, it's not only a 2-door 57 or 62 or so. The idea behind it is that it bases on a newly modiefied platform. It has a length of 6.00 meters, which is to say the car's type designation should be Maybach 60 Coupe. Besides dimensions, the rest of the car is different to the 4-door Maybachs too. Our 2-door model has no body panel that would fit them. The trunk is longer than that of the saloon models which gives, together with the more declined rear screen, a flatter and more dynamic look to the car - quite in tradition of Mercedes' coupes. The mid-column-free side windows are too a must in view of the vehicles examples.

But also the lamps are modified. The tail lights are higher, the head lamps are a bit lower. The four lenses of the saloon version are replaced by two bigger ones. A third body length, completely new steel sheets and new lamps at front and rear makes the coupe version naturally even more expensive. But, regarding a representative car like this it should be no problem. We think it looks really nice that way. Maybe it's a tad too low. However?! Apart from this version, we plan showing another version of the 60-family. What will it be? A convertible, a station wagon or even a 2-door sports wagon? Mh, you won't guess the answer, we think. And we will take a little time for letting the cat out, but the solution is going to come here.

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