BMW 7-series by AC Schnitzer - left-rear view

The wheels on the photos look filigree, much to fragile for this massive car body. No doubt, they are solid enough to bear the car's weight but optically they don't meet the outfit of the Seven, especially because the aerodynamics parts make it seem even heavier than the Bavarian original. But Schnitzer also has the classic Type I mono block rim for the 7-series in store that goes much better with the massive body than the double-spoke multi-piece wheel.

A Perfect Translation

However, who wants to buy, or has bought, a new Seven should take a look on AC Schnitzer's website because there is certainly something after his fancy. Considering the various ways they offer to change the car's look, it is surly worth seeing details - no matter if you have preferred the big Bimmer's distinctive style strongly emphasised or more diluted instead. And, if you aren't a proud owner of a new Seven, just try out if the link below works though ;-)

BMW 7-series by AC Schnitzer - front-right view

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