BMW Alpina Roadster V8 - Displacement: 4.8 litre; Performance: 381bhp [at 5800rpm]; Torque: 520Nm [at 3800rpm]; Acceleration: 5.3s 0-100kmh; Top Speed: 260kmh [limited]

This is no article like the other ones. It's not only a very extensive item but also one of a special story that spans over a few month. Here comes the background and the instruction for use! click..!

Images, sounds and screensaver
Alpina has dedicated an extra website to this vehicle and, it is a pretty good one though you certainly will find fault with one fact: It's only available in German. Don't worry we guide you through. click..!

The Roadster V8 in minutest details
No surprise, the ultimate website for German cars has made the ultimate article on the Alpina Roadster V8. Worth to be read at any case! click..!

About Alpina
The company has a unique but not uncontroversial position amongst Germany's noble auto refiners. This is the story of a company that doesn't want to be a car tuner. click..!

On Alpina cars
Outside of Europe, only experts know the brand name Alpina. In Europe, their cars are legendary for its special character. Read more about them. click..!

The BMW Alpina deal
It is nothing unusual when the industry cooperates with German auto tuners. In case of the refinements of BMW's Z8 it is no matter of know-how but one of marketing. click..! does respect the interests of editors of other websites. When we link to single pages or items we do not want to exploit their works as a content of our site - contrary to some so called news sites. We only refer to them as a supplement to our editorial content. That is why we also set a link to the respective main pages.

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