BMW Alpina Roadster V8 interior

In November 2002, we announced an article on the Alpina Roadster V8 at our preview page and we keep this promise as you certainly have noticed. But, the item is completely different to what we have planned initially.

The reason is that we were a little bit to slow. In the meantime, many news sites and magazines have made articles on this car. Ok, it is neither a shame nor a problem when news sites provide information earlier than we do, after all we're a lifestyle magazine that mainly deals with the stories behind cold facts. That's why we set a link to the most extensive item on this car and about Alpina because we don't want to do a job that is already done by someone else.

Nevertheless, there are many additional things to write on. And, being from Germany and knowing the native language, we can lead you also this time to resources surely not to be found in other English publications. Besides great photos and a nice film of the car you also can hear how the Alpina V8 engine sounds.

If you want, you can pick out what interests you most at the main page of this article. Optionally we link at the end of each item to the next one, so that you can turn over pages as in a printed mag and if it is too much at once, and if you like, view the remaining pages at your next visit at However, have some fun!

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