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Burkhart Bovensiepen, owner and founder of Alpina really doesn't like his company to be called a car tuner and indeed, the company is registered as car manufacturer. But, the German tuning branch looks blank concerning his attitude. Bodo Buschmann, founder of the Mercedes tuner Brabus - a company of a similar legendary reputation like that of Alpina - has strong feelings about this and said once that Herr Bovensiepen acts as if car tuning were something indecent, after all he too sends his trim stripes per post.

And in fact, it is hard to say who is right and who is wrong. In considering of the immense efforts, Burkhart Bovensiepen is absolutely right in his statements. After all his creations wouldn't be possible without a wide range of engineers and well experienced craftsmen, finally a wide range of employees that exceeds the possibilities of the most auto tuning companies, by far!

But, firms such as Brabus, AC Schnitzer, Carlsson or Abt, for instance - in short the German tuning elite - can keep up with Alpina easily and use the same means and make the same developments to modify car's technology, to improve the road behaviours without a lack of too much of the original riding comfort and, they also modify engines just as fundamentally as Alpina does. The cooperation with the motor industry is also as intensive as this of Alpina with BMW, and it's really hard to find out what is different between Bovensiepen's enterprise and other auto tuners is!

At least, when looking from outside on this matter. One distinguishing fact is undeniable and this is founded in the character of Alpina cars.

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