head area: Alpina B5 interior

In the beginning, the activities of Alpina have been focused on engine upgrading, just as other tuners did. But in course of time, Alpina has cultivated this profession and emphasised more and more very special characteristic features at their vehicle refinements. Nowadays, when entering an Alpina car, you find it to be a vehicle of a noble interior and an outstanding performance generated on a very restraining way packed in an elegant and unobtrusive body.

That is to say: an Alpina vehicle is no faster M3 or M5, and no option to other tuning cars. It is an offer for people who want to enjoy driving, knowing that they were able to overtake nearly everyone who overtakes them without feeling impelled to do so. The Alpina tag at the rear shows how superior this BMW is and the luxurious unique interior and its sublime character, that lacks any side-effects of a sports car, lets it be fun to know you could if you would and you will just if it is necessary. That means, if you are following an Alpina car, you can overtake it reassuringly, it's very likely that the driver won't play with you!

Regarding to this special character, also the V8 roadster is no sports car. The very remarkable fact that it has 19 hp less to the original M5 engine of the BMW model but an extra torque of 20 Nm instead, turns out - besides the roadster's automatic transmission - that it is a real cruiser. And, admittedly, its appearance lets it be an authentic one. The classic Z8 body in style of the legendary BMW 507 strikes the Alpina philosophy perfectly.

Nice that there is a very special soul in this traditional housing now, a new spirit that rises it above pure numbers and cold specifications, an engine that lets it be standing out of the German manufacturer's Horse Power war. That makes us curious on experiencing it but, unfortunately, the 555 examples of the Alpina Roadster V8 are already sold out. No test drive possible and you certainly won't find it at your local car rent station. What a pity but the other Alpina cars are not bad too and when you follow the link below you can take a closer look at them.

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