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If you like, we take you on a trip through the official German BMW Alpina Roadster V8 website. Here come a few hints what is to find there and how to view - or to hear - it.

Following the link below you reach the BMW Alpina Roadster V8 site. It opens with an nice intro which gives a first impression of the car and, its engine noise!
go to: www.alpina-roadster-v8.de

If you just can't get enough of the sound, Alpina has made it downloadable as a screensaver that shows a film on the Roadster V8. Getting it is very simple! Click BILDSCHIRMSCHONER, it's the last link of the navigation menu, and click Download at the window that appears then. [ file about 2.1 MB]

At IMPRESSIONEN, the first link of the menu, a slide show provides plenty of nice images of the car. Click the pic you want to see and select the resolution you would like to download it in. The images are available at a resolution of up to pretty 1200x1600 pixels! And, by the way, you are right in your guess that 'IMPRESSIONEN' is the German word for impressions!

The Alpina logo is the button to get back to the main menu.

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