VW Phaeton by B&B Automobiltechnik - left-front view

Volkswagen's Phaeton - conceived to set standards in the luxury car segment - is doubtlessly an amazing car but, despite a high medial interest, demand is lower than expected which causes a dramatic underutilisation of the Gläserne Manufaktur [ Factory Of Glass ] at Dresden. Nevertheless, the big Veedub defines the superlative in some disciplines. In matters of Diesel power, for instance. The original 313hp engine is the strongest construction of its sort. But this record doesn't mean that it can't be topped by the tuning industry. The tuner B&B Automobiltechnik GmbH has been tackling this task and, the outcome is remarkable.


Only thanks to higher boost pressure, increased by 0.2bar, accordingly modified injection timing and an adopted torque reduction scheme, the B&B Diesel Phaeton performs noteworthy 360hp. In view of the performance plus, the price of 1,698Euros is considerably reasonable. Even more power is provided by the next stage, which also includes hardware alterations. Fitted with special injection nozzles as well as optimised air ducts, the VW generates 400hp in this configuration. Its engine control unit is naturally adopted to this changes. Boost increase is 0.25bar here - a slight but admittedly effective raise.

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