To get this kit, 7998 Euros must change to B&B's account! Both offers include installation costs and - for even more fun - a V/max release. Thus the 400hp model runs 285km/h. But Diesel fans are more interested in other specifications: torque rates! Here they come: the base V10 5.0 TDI cranks 750Nm out, the versions of B&B generate 850 and 920 respectively. And, the VW tuner is convinced of its works, so that it offers a two year warranty without mileage limit. In addition to the motor upgrades, also optical refinements are obtainable at B&B. A reprogrammed air suspension control not only lowers the body of the luxury sedan by 20mm but also results in a stiffer springing which reduces roll and pitch.


And, of course, also wheels can be ordered at the Siegen based firm. The German Volkswagen specialist has a noble multi-piece wheel in cross-spoke style available. The outer rim of it is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 20inch, its width is 9.5. In this case, 275x35R20 is written on the rubber walls of the Dunlop tyres. Eventually a necessary measure to come to grip with the huge torque rates. B&B Automobiltechnik GmbH impressively demonstrates the potential of the world's most powerful diesel engine for passenger cars. Thanks to its experience, B&B discovered about as much additional torque as fast cars usually had when the VW Audi tuner started its business - 20 years ago.

VW Phaeton by B&B Automobiltechnik - rear-right view

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