Mercedes C-class conversion C V8 S by Brabus - front-left view


Regarding Mercedes tuning, BRABUS is clearly amongst the leaders of the business. Even though DaimlerChrysler's sub division AMG is intended to be ahead in this sector, the tuner from Bottrop sets benchmarks despite AMG's close connections to Mercedes Benz. Offering a 3-year warranty on its conversions, the German tuner even excels the standard Mercedes garantee in Germany. And that BRABUS is the official refiner of the cars of the DC brand SMART, points out how much they trust in their know how. With the C-class upgrade labelled C V8 S, BRABUS gives a further prove of its abilities. The model, made for the autobahn's overtaking lane, performs 445hp which enables it to run over 300kmh. Contrary to AMG that extends the engine compartment, the German tuner managed fitting its V8 in the original front - offerring more performance as well. On the other hand, the C V8 S is significantly more expensive than AMG's model. More information on the car and a photo of its rear comes here..!

Brabus C V8 S - 5 detail views

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