Black is beautiful but British racing green is not bad too. Many people also outside of Great Britain love this traditional British racing paint and cars covered by this colour as well. Jaguar has launched several smaller vehicles in the last years to serve enthusiasts and the cats' offspring poached - admittedly - not unsuccessfully in beats formerly reserved for German tribes.

But, as a result of their expansion, Jaguar also made or had to make too much concessions. Features such as the new X-type's front wheel drive and its rear window crank handles were certainly nothing expected of a noble Jag.

Fatally, this deficiencies could make the conservative well-off lovers of noble English high-end cars suspecting Jaguar not to be what they were once which opens the door to their hearts for the other competitors. Expansions only in lower segments finally makes Jaguar less exclusive and possibly hard to please customers willing to change in the end.

Meanwhile, the Germans will take this chance on striking back the British attacks of the last years by setting new standards and launching more exclusive cars. Volkswagen as an example: even if the new mid size Bentley which was introduced on this year's Paris Motor Show is not only conceived to be a Jaguar rival but also to extent Bentley's model range, it is for all that an alluring offer to the clientele who want something British and more remarkable than a Jaguar is currently reputed to be.

Jag should counterattack this by launching also a coupe that makes crystal clear they are still a company able to keep up, one that still produces fine vehicles only offered in small numbers by a few exclusive manufacturers in the world. The new XJ would be an appropriated platform for a project like this and, moreover, its aluminium space frame a convincing technology for a big sporty two-door cat too.

The draft we show looks anyhow as the well known models but it is, surely contrary to your assumption, neither an X- nor an S-type without rear doors and also no XJ. Its arch shaped roofline that softly ends in a slightly inclined trunk lid makes it looking felinely dynamic - just as expected of it but maybe emphasising the jumping-cat-silhouette more than the four-door models do. As Germans, we naturally didn't dare to create a new Jaguar style and have drafted a less progressive design. Leaving this over for the British designers we've made a more traditional car to show how a Mercedes CL and Mid Size Bentley coupe rival could look.

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