Though it was intended to be recognisable as a Jaguar at the first sight it shouldn't have similarities to the good old E-Type except an extra long bonnet. Retro details didn't come into question to us because the current Jaguar style has slowly developed in course of time. Falling back on even older features wouldn't neither meet Jag's sublime character nor would it be worthy of a fine car like this. After all it isn't a fun car such as the new Beetle and the, supposed British but for real German, Mini.

Ford, as owner of Jaguar and currently being in serious financial difficulties, surely would figure out that they won't yield a penny with it which is why the car is an unrealistic fantasy especially as they also have the XK. But this car is an SL competitor, the CXJ Coupe is conceived to rival the CL-class. Hard to say if it is unnecessary or not but in any event the prestige competition will go on. Perhaps it sets Jaguar under such a pressure that they will launch a car in this style one day just to prove exclusivity, no matter if they earn money with it or not. The Germans will do, you can rely on, their very best to make this situation come true in future.

On the other hand, the diversification of the model ranges is simply just a new but futile trend. Every combine attempts to get a bigger piece of the sugar sweet cake whilst the demand in the high-end vehicle segment doesn't grow, it declines. The fact that less customers will have a bigger choice of models will surely determine luxury car's exclusivity and from this perspective the cat seems to jump in the wrong direction. Means, Jaguar's one-way-model- policy is not suitable to preserve their excellent and exclusive image.

Not that a fine trade mark can't be expanded in lower classes. The Mercedes story proves, as an example, that it works and teaches at the same time how risky all the unavoidable concessions could be. Finally, the CXJ concept is, indeed, no car that lovers of British vehicles have missed so far but it definitely does good to Jag to counterbalance the compromises they have and had to make and to show that they still play in the league in which they always played.

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