MG cars on Rover basis

One problem is doubtlessly that those flashy, dynamically styled MG models don't stand for typical attributes of British passenger cars which are generally reputed to be conservative and classic. Means: they aren't believably British in international view, which is why many prospects in Europe rather prefer brands of an authentic sporty image such as Honda, BMW, or Alfa Romeo.

Even in UK, the Rover models' camouflage isn't always considered to be something quite fitting. The motoring magazine CAR recently said on the MG ZT: 'It's like seeing your grandfather wearing Nike Air Max'. And, so the story will go on, Rover dies gradually and consequently MG too. That's a pity but presumably unchangeable. The interest of investors in such decomposing corpse is very low, also the dying Italian FIAT group is not all too interesting for them.

NO GLOATING - a commentary on the great MG cars doom

But, if you think that it is easy to write such lines as a German, as somebody from a nation of a superior motor industry, you are completely off the track. You better open up your eyes widely. Do you see any German terms here. Nothing found? Right! In that case we are the losers. No one wants to, and has to, learn our language just as no-one buys MG cars. Finally these are losses we have to suffer, changes we have to accept in today's global economical struggle that kills national symbols of identification. That's the way the world is, the way we are, that's why MG Rover will die - only the strongest will survive because we don't tolerate any deficiencies, don't accept getting less for our hectic painstakingly earned money and the more we've got the more we want and the more we want the more we are dissatisfied.

We said this is no gloating statement and it's none. It's also no preachment and no lecture for a better world but a pleading for reconceiving point of view. Take a look at all these MG cars. Do they look great? Yeah, they do. Absolutely! Have they deserved to be disesteemed because of a lack of a few litres trunk volume, leg or head room? No, they haven't! And why the hell do so many people buy reasonable but faceless Japanese and Korean cars? Simple answer: They cannot enjoy the things they afford, they're just too fat and too dissatisfied! They rather focus on getting all available equipments they never use, than being delighted by driving something special that provides real fun.

Yes, we know, if you have read these lines up to this point, you are not one of them and, we also know that lots of people have to drive more practical cars than these but so you should be someone who can't understand what we mean, there is only one thing we would like to tell you: Please, forget our domain!

MG Roadster

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