Ford Focus RS - multiple views

Taking a closer look to the performance rates of the Golf R32 and the Focus RS you may say that it is not fair to compare them. The 241 ponies of the VW seem to be a clear advantage to it considering that the Focus has 26 less, finally a difference of over 10%.

But the prices of the compact hot hatches justify the comparison. When Ford demands 30 665€ for the RS so they run the risk to be compared with Volkswagen's new super Golf that costs 31 950€ which is only 1285€ over the Focus' rate, a small extra charge of under 5% which is generally accepted for VW's bestseller in Europe.


At the starting line the two testees make a great impression but don't look like dazzlers. Despite their imposing front bumpers which clearly point out that they are cars of a more sporty kind they don't look like vehicles that wear flashy track suits. That is also the case with their plimsolls. The classic style of the Golf's OZ multi spoke wheels seem to be optically more inconspicuous whereas the Ford's 5 spoke design appears more athletic than the Golf rims - in the end just a matter of taste.

Both the Golf and the Focus look absolutely stunning - we think by far greater than Japanese evo cars such as the Mitsubishi Evo Lancer and the Subaru Impreza WRX.

Golf R32 - multiple views

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