Audi A3 conversion AS3 by Abt-Sportsline - front-left view

No other part of Abt's Audi AS3 is as striking as its redesigned grille. And because the German premium automaker's compact car is expected to get the new family face with its first facelift, it seems to be a great chance on possessing tomorrow's A3, already today. What a good feeling! In addition, also relatively less eye-catching add-on parts are stored in the shelfs of the Bavarian auto tuner. Besides the already known Abt wheels available in sizes from 17 to 19 inches, the usual range of aerodynamics parts are obtainable too, including rear spoiler, side skirts, front spoiler and rear apron. This optic package is, as customary at Abt-Sportsline, neither overdone nor really unobtrusive. It might be racy - especially because of the air inlets of the front spoiler and side skirts - but not disproportionted.


Also nearly usual, or hardly dispensable, is a lowering kit. Thanks to a set of shorter springs, the A3 body gets about 35mm closer to the road. This allows a firmer suspension setting for excellent sporting driving manners. In terms of engine upgrade, Abt is already able to deliver a chip for the 1.9 turbo diesel motor. It blows up the engine to 130hp, instead of original 105 horses. The new performance enables the AS3 reaching 100kmh in 10,5 sec. Top speed is approximately 200km/h. The press release says: ' Abt Sportsline . . . has mastered chip-tuning to perfection'! On the other hand, Audi offers a 2.0 litre diesel A3 with 140hp and similar acceleration rates - which makes this refitting more a matter of individual preferences - not simply one of perfection.

Audi A3 conversion AS3 by Abt-Sportsline - rear-right view

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