VW Golf Mk V conversion VS4 by Abt Sportslien - front-right view

The parts of Abt's body kit for Wolfsburg's best seller seem somehow different to each other, although they indeed don't clash violently on the car. The entire VS4 kit appears optically well balanced, and strikes the all-round image of the Golf, which is reputed to be a class-less vehicle in its home country. The front spoiler and the side skirts look very sporty, but aren't all too screaming though. Much more restraining, not to say nearly inconspicuous is Abt's sports grille. It doesn't appear as an aftermarket part at first sight. This changes a little bit when it comes to the car's rear that attracts by far more attention. A big roof wing plus a rear apron with cut-outs for four tail pipes do not only catch onlooker's eyes but also make the back side of the Golf nearly showy.


The mighty 9.5x19 inch wheels also go very well with the car, mainly because of their simple design that fits the smooth surfaces which characterise also the Golf's fifth generation's exterior. A height-adjustable spring suspension enables various ride heights. That way, also the chassis is as variable as Abt's entire add-on part range in terms of looks. But Abt-Sportsline is even going to have some more in store in future. For instance, the sports brake system from the VW specialists is also being prepared for the new Golf, of course. All in all the Kempten-based company provides a product range that allows turning Volkswagen's best seller into a very racy vehicle or, optionally into a more restrainingly refined one - on the condition of abstaining from the more flamboyant pieces of the Abt aerodynamics part range. In any event, the Abt Golf VS4 is a nice car worth seeing.

VW Golf Mk V conversion VS4 by Abt Sportslien - rear-left view

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