4 wheel designs by AEZ

Undoubtedly AEZ is one amongst a few manufacturers that permanently create new wheel designs that meet the German tuning-scene īs taste and set the trends of years to come. It īs true that no wheel became a real classic like the A-designs of AZEV or Borbet which are well sold since many years but AEZ early detected tides and niches in the last years and became the most innovative German wheel manufacturer that way. The product range of AEZ clearly reflects wheel fashion of the last years and the current creations show what cars will wear in the next years. All in all it is worth having a closer look on it.


Exemplary we introduce two wheels very different in style and application. The Vantage wheel is designed for SUV and caravans and available in the dimensions 5x15 and 6.5 x 16 only. A wheel load of 1350 kg turns out that this is a real truck rim and its simple and plain style perfectly matches the design of European SUV as Mercedes M-class and Range Rover

AEZ wheels Vantage and Olymp

The Olymp wheel is conceived to refine more exclusive cars. The new two-piece-wheel is manufactured by the use of finest materials such as titanium bolts to connect rim and inner part. A simul-chrome high-gloss centre and a deep polished rim emphasizes that the new Olymp wheel focuses to the high-end sector.

related link: www.aez-wheels.com

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