The Alfa Romeo 156 GTA arouses the desire to own one. And, it īs the same old story, again and again. At all times, Alfa Romeo cars infatuated prospects who couldn īt resist the beauty of their bodies and bought the cars, knowing that they will have to suffer for this Italian love affair. Even nowadays, its extraordinary and attractive design seems to be the only way to sell a car bearing this name. Although quality is on a decent level and rust is not a problem anymore, the Alfa image concerning reliability remains as bad as the cars are looking good. In order to draw the classic comparison with a beautiful woman, people see an alluring body and a nice head not asking what is in it.

In the case of the 156 GTA it can be easily answered: a camshaft for optimised valve timing. But also the crank case īs mechanism of the already known V6 engine is modified for delivering more than originally generated 220 hp. The stroke was enlarged from initially 72.6 mm to 78 mm which results in a displacement of 3.2 litre now - instead of the basisī 3.0 litre. Besides new pistons, the motor management is adapted to the new cylinder capacity which enables - certainly reliable - 250 hp at 6200 rpm.

Alfa 156 GTA Sport Wagon - different views

Not bad for a car of this segment, in comparison to evolution series as BMW M3, Audi S4 and Mercedes C-Class AMG and in relation to a displacement of 2.3 litre, a performance of 250 hp is very low. Michele Nova, project manager of the 156 GTA, stated that the performance is restricted to this rate for not overstraining the front drive car īs grip. That may be! But a German project manager would have to solve an ordinary problem like this. Admittedly, he also would be in charge of another budget. To be frank, he would have nearly double money and the German product would finally cost nearly double price too.

38 400 € ( about 33 500 US $) for a standard GTA proves that Alfa Romeo doesn't attempt to compete with the fine German evo runners. That is not to say that they would be chanceless in competing with them. Engineering an engine of an outstanding performance is one thing and not a problem for a make like Alfa as a company of the Fiat group, another is to sell such a small series at a price which is worth it. This is a question of prestige, tradition and image - attributes that are the Italian sports sedan manufacturer īs benefices. Whoever else would have the potential to tackle BMW & co?

After all, the GTA series has a tradition of more than 30 years and Alfa has a great and eventful history - definitely comparable with all the fine British ( Jaguar, Aston Martin ) and Bavarian ( BMW, Audi ) motor manufacturers. Maybe it īs recommendable for Alfa, on the condition that the 156 GTA will be well sold, to have the courage to copy Audi īs strategy and launch a second evo line at a higher level, respective the RS line

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