....In body styling, the Italians are not as modest as in placing the GTA in market. The body outfitīs feature is a martial looking aerodynamics kit which has a significant aftermarket character. This sort of refinement is a matter of taste, undoubtedly! In Germany, that flashy style isn īt all too popular unlike in the U.K. and Japan. Finally an ordinary 156 upgraded by fine but larger 18" alloy wheels would meet everybody īs taste as well as the Alfa 156 body is not to improve any further. On the other hand it only has to meet the Italian taste - because Alfa Romeos have to be authentic and not everybody īs darling, which nationality ever.

Alfa Romeo 156 GTA - multiple views

The interior is unexpectedly as independent as the refinements outside. Aluminium trim for the dash and pedals also made of this material, may be standard features for a car of this sort. Whereas the rest of the interior, especially the upholstery, seems to be from another epoch. It could be taken from a racing car of the 1970 īs but it looks absolutely fantastic at the 156 and perfectly matches the exterior style anyway too. Says, this car is a special kind of evolution version which stands out of usual benchmarks, not comparable with any competitors.


All in all the GTA is a real Bella Donna - it looks good, has a perfect makeup and you can īt be quite sure how reliable she really is. And, it remains the same old story, who cares about it facing a beautiful body?! The Alfa 156 GTA has to prove reliability first but there will be lots of guys who will be, attracted by an irresistible body, keen to find it out!

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