The Alternative

Having a closer look at the fastback Z3 it reminisces about classic English sports cars as the Jaguar E-Type or the Aston Martin DB4 although it also has lots of typical BMW features as the quarter window's form. That's why it's identifiable as a BMW at the first sight but the silhouette remains very British nonetheless. The long nose and the short rear are typical English sports car features that characterise the original Z3 Coupe as well as the Z3 Roadster. But it didn't attract attention, whereas the revised rear turns out the proportions strongly.

  What about a blend of the last 50 years' finest sports car styling ingredients...?   Wie wär's mit einer Mischung der besten Sportwagen-Styling Zutaten der letzten 50 Jahre...? - Z3 Targa concept side view

Unlike the Anglo Saxon styling elements the side window profile has a touch of the Porsche 911 and the Targa layout reverts to Italian and German traditions which unfortunately became extinct even though it was popular at renowned sports car manufacturers as Ferrari and Porsche once. That conception turns the Z3 into a unique car. Despite the new Porsche 911 Targa, this Z3 draft would be incomparable with any competitors on market.
Is it time for a resurrection of this kind of cars? The classic roadsters already had celebrated a revival of the best kind but the Targa conception competes with the retractable hardtop in Mercedes and Peugeot-style that nearly perfectly combines coupe and cabrio. Hard to beat this advantages?!

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