That's just the way it is! There's always something that left over to dream of!

So ist es nun mal! Es bleibt immer etwas übrig wovon man eben nur trämen kann... - BMW Z3 Targe concept - side view

No! The retractable hardtop causes compromises in style besides the fact that a detachable roof segment is far cheaper in production than a sophisticated hardtop mechanism. Furthermore a stiffer body and cosequently a higher over roll protection makes it to a perfect solution particular for uncompromising sporting cars. The new Porsche 911 Targa might bear this name ( Targa is a trademark of the Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft ), its over dimensioned glass roof may be en vogue and enables all advantages relating a stiffer body but it certainly doesn't provide the same open air pleasure of its predecessor from the 1970s.

Possibly many would rather have a Z3 Targa-Coupe than the 3-series M Coupe or the 911 Targa with the extra-large-glass-moon-roof in their garage. Especially after seeing that drafts! Basing on the Z3 Roadster it surely would be realisable. But with a fair degree of certainty a handmade conversion will sadly remain a dream because of the expense. That's just the way it is! There's always something that left over to dream of.
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BMW Z3 Targa concept with and without roof section - click for larger image

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