Click the image to get it as a wallpaper in 1024x768. Aston Martin Vantage Shooting Break concept - 'Its side profile undeniably has a slightly Italian touch'

As Aston Martin lately introduced the Vantage it met the onlooker's eye as something modern. Unexpectedly!? It is a British car and these ones arouse other associations than this, at least in terms of exterior styling. Nevertheless it's recognisable as an Aston Martin at first glance. Means, the car may be said to be a well-done amalgam of modernity and tradition, a master piece of automotive design. Its pleasing look makes us desiring it - and Ferrari, Maserati and Porsche certainly fearing a new serious rival. But the Vantage's exceptional muscular-shaped body also tempted us to let revive the Shooting Break tradition via image editing.

Combining a coupe and an estate car is basically doomed to failure, which is why the results always were neither fish nor fowl. In the case of the AM Vantage, it was merely child's play. It already bears modern genes as well as ones that always excel Aston Martin cars and so the draft really does not look unsuitable even though its side profile undeniably has a slightly Italian touch. On the other hand, we have to bring up that our designer felt free to pay not all too much attention to the vehicle's stowage volume which has enabled a more coupe-like rear. No problem. Prospects surely would not care about this.

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