Aston Martin Vantage Shooting Break concept - 'an option for people who like it even more exclusive'

This unusual kind of cars are reputed to be typically British. Besides the Lagonda Shooting Break, also Jaguar produced a sports coupe with a more box-shaped rear end once. That's why Bentley considers about their own resurrection of this tradition by bringing out a Continental GT variant with a rear end in this style. But that isn't to say that our concept is intended to be a contender to this one. An Aston Martin should be more exclusive than that creation motivated by Volkswagen's addiction to mass-production and range expansion.

Our AM Shooting Break concept car should be exactly what its predecessors always were before: An option for people who like it even more exclusive but less conventional. That way it could attract guys who usually wouldn't fancy an AM. In other words: It would rather enthuse those who prefer a progressively designed sleek sports boat than those who love classic wooden sailing yachts. After saying at which moorage our concept will be parked, we only have to persuade AM of realising the car. Mhh!? Is it worth to run on our roads? What's your ' Vantage point '? Let us know - or just Aston Martin:

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