Now, after the show we know that also this AMI was a successful event although many renowned companies resigned participation such as Brabus [ Mercedes tuning ], Abt [ VW, Audi, Skoda Tuning ] ATS and AZEV [ wheel manufacturers ] which saved the money this year.

AMI 2002 overview: Audi, BMW, Porsche

But on the other hand, many other noted German motor shows had to be cancelled because of a lacking of exhibitors. Even the famous show in Italy's centre of automotive production and design, Turin, had to be called off. Seen in that light we are glad that the fair in Leipzig left over besides the IAA in Frankfurt. And, the number of exhibitors and visitors increased nevertheless.


Germany's motoring press reported in differing ways about the event. Some editors contented themselves with a few lines on the most important premiers whereas others wrote extensively about the event and appreciated the show's character which is a mixture of a professional motor show and a folk festival, not as cool and commercial as the Frankfurt motor show. No wonder, Frankfurt is one amongst Europe's most important finance centres, Leipzig is a fair place of a hundred years' tradition. And, the AMI is conceived pursuant to the Eastern German mentality which is more casual and familiar than those of the Western part of Deutschland.

AMI 2002 overview: Mercedes-Benz

But the loyalty to a car brand isn't by far as high as in the western part which is why notably import makes try to catch customers at the AMI. Particularly French makes appreciate this fact by unveiling their cars for the first time here. This year, Peugeot's station wagon 307 Break received its world premier.

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