The BMW CS1...

... was shown for the first time in Germany and received lots of attentions in Leipzig. As a foretaste of the new 1 series coming out in 2004 it presented the BMW design of years to come. Although the CS1 front is undoubtedly recognisable as a BMW the car doesn't seem to be a German one nevertheless.

It looks absolutely stunning but it lacks the distinguishing simple and strict geometrical shapes characteristic for German vehicles. Of course, the convex and concave surfaces of the CS1 body might be geometric too. But they cause light reflections very rich in contrast and make the BMW appear like being always in motion which looks more dynamic, not so static and heavy typical for the Teutonic Bauhaus style.

At any rate, that so called Flame Design was a real attention getter at the AMI in Leipzig as well as at the Geneve Motor Show before. FAST-ZI-NATION offers a few more impressions than usually provided in magazines and shows the BMW CS1 in 8 perspectives.

BMW CS1 - right-front view, from slightly aboveBMW CS1 - front-right view, from slightly belowBMW CS1 - front viewBMW CS1 - left-front view
BMW CS1 - left-rear viewBMW CS1 - rear-left viewBMW CS1 - left side viewBMW CS1 - left side view

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