The Porsche booth...

... was a disappointing letdown. Porsche obviously didn't dare to introduce the new SUV Cayenne at the most important motor show in Germany. Even though the first official press photos of the car were already released, they put off introduction at the Paris Motor Show in this year's harvest. What a shame! Especially because of the fact that the Cayenne's birthplace is just one and a half mile away form the ground at which the Leipzig motor show takes place.

And, other attractions were hard to find at the stand. Aside from a disassembled engine, there was nothing not to see in a Porsche dealer's showroom. But also a disassembled engine could be seen in the workshop of a Porsche centre, maybe not this one but it doesn't change it, the booth attracted as much attention as an ordinary 911 on Germany's roads.

One attention getter we found despite this, albeit a more virtual one. This year, just as in the years before, Porsche showed a few movies on a large screen which demonstrated Porsches distinction convincingly. The films' musical accompaniment was as powerful as the new 10 cylinder engine from Zuffenhasuen whilst its artistically excellent taken pictures pointed impressively out that Porsche driving is just some more than going from A to B.

Seen in that light, the cars were just an unimportant decoration in a great and brilliant movie performance. We show four snapshots from that excellent spectacle, decorated with a GT2 as an example of the stand's fine but trivial foreground.

Porsche booth impression 1Porsche booth impression 2Porsche booth impression 3Porsche booth impression 4

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