The experiment was...

...expectantly watched by experts and journalists from all around the globe. Most of them was very sceptic about the success of the two-seater but after a short time of habitation the little one has gone down well.

Now it has got a well-done facelift that enhances its attractiveness although the prices unfortunately remained on a level not affordable for the average twen. But the older more wealthy public also appreciates the modern appearance of the dwarf and purchases it as somewhat like an automotive fountain of youth. And, it seems that the Smart is going to be a cult vehicle. The black 1st Edition Cabrio was hard to shoot because of the crowd gathered around the open air runabout.

MCC Smart had shown various versions of the city car in Leipzig, we show a
standard Smart&Passion [ silver ] for our American readers who are possibly not acquainted with the DaimlerChrysler baby, in addition to a limited 1st Edition Cabrio [ black ], improved by Brabus parts, and a Crossblade [ black & silver ] to enthuse the rest too.

Smart&passion - left side viewSmart&passion - front viewSmart&passion - left-rear viewSmart&passion - front-right view
Smart 1st edition refinded by Brabus - rear-left viewSmart 1st edition refinded by Brabus - interiorSmart Crossblade - front-right viewSmart Crossblade - right side view

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