First Impressions

FAST-ZI-NATION usually does not report about motor shows. That's a matter of printed motoring magazines which normally deliver topical information about events like this. And, we just don't like to bore you by writing articles on topics that you had already read in ordinary newspapers and/or magazines.

But in the case of the Auto Mobil International we make an exception and report about the Leipzig motor show because of two facts. In the first place the AMI occurs just about half a mile from FAST-ZI-NATION headquarters and secondly it's certainly difficult to get information about it outside of Germany even though it is the most important German motor show of this year.

Six AMI 2002 impressions

Over 40 premieres such as the Audi RS6 line, the VW Phaeton and the brand new Mercedes E-class are unveiled for the first time to the German buyers. Besides renowned motor companies, lots of manufacturers of alloy wheels, aerodynamic parts and other aftermarket components present their products as well as those who offer motoring related services. All in all more than 400 exhibitors attend the AMI 2002 presenting, in addition to new product conceptions, an overview of their range.

Correspondingly the run on the show is immense which makes it really hard to shoot photos worth to be published on FAST-ZI-NATION. But we take time to do our job patiently and will take chance to visit the event in the less frequented early opening hours.

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