AMI 2003 +++ Local hero Porsche +++

In contrast to last year, Porsche's booth didn't seem like a cross of dealer's showroom and cinema. This time they present two new models and show the Carrera GT - which is one of them - also without body panels that normally cover its amazing racing technology.

Porsche GT3 and Carrera GT

Whereas the other premiere, the 911 GT3, conceals its fine mechanics. Anyhow it seems its body colour still raises attention because it just was unusual at private cars for many years. And, the German post trucks are painted in this yellow. The Porsche plant in Leipzig is situated in direct neighbourhood to the regional main distribution centre of the Deutsche Post. Possibly the yellow colour came out of the post's containers onto the GT3.

Just kidding! Contrary to the Carrera GT, it isn't manufactured here, it's from Zuffenhausen! However, in any case this year's home match of Porsche is more to our taste than the presentation of 2002 and, anyhow, the interest in this year's stand seems to be much greater

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