AMI 2003 +++ Maybach impressions +++

Seeing the new Maybach 62 we were inevitably reminded, in view of its presence, that DaimlerChrysler recently said the car is more an option to a yacht, a summer residence or an executive jet than one to another car.

Maybach 62 interior and right side view

And, indeed, tough it seems just like a stretched Mercedes on photos, it is actually a car of another dimension - something which seems to be wrong here, like an exhibit from a boat show and, even the SL next to it really appears as a micro car. An extended Phaeton in style of our XXL concept would be just a half size smaller than DC's new luxury liner.

No doubt, the Maybach Manufaktur display presents something impressive, something representative which too raises the question what it represents. People gaze at this automotive dinosaur, designed in the 1990's as situation was a little more convenient, just as wondering and impressed as visitors of Jurassic Park.

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