AMI 2003 +++ April 13th, final report +++

It was a great weekend for Leipzig. The AMI organiser was in the happy situation to report a few records whose public notice was admittedly not all too high at Saxony's boomtown because it was drown out by the euphoric jubilation about being nominated as Germany's candidate for the Olympic Games in 2012. The Leipzig people really attach great importance to it!

impressions from the Audi stand

Regarding motor shows, Frankfurt, one of the candidates defeated by Leipzig at the competition for the Summer-Olympics, still plays the leading role in Germany but the AMI is about reaching the same importance in years in which Frankfurt's IAA does not occur.

This was not the case in 2003. Despite the circumstances the run on it was greater than ever before. Neither general economically adverse times nor decreasing sales on the German auto market nor the summery weather of the last days have prevented record rates that make optimistic for next year's Auto Mobil International.

A further increase of 5% in surface area occupied by the show as well as 49 makes that were presented to 263,000 visitors who attended the event and, last but not least Maybach's premiere at the country of its origin, make clear - as well as its Olympic amibtions - that the Free State Of Saxony's biggest town [ which has only 0.5 Mio inhabitants ] is still able to push forward whilst other towns just can't keep status quo.

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