Arden A-type Lightweight RS - right-front view from above

Jaguar cars' appearance is traditional, nearly antique - suchlike dignified that it seems to be untouchable, just as a building under monument protection. But there are always people who want some more, want their cars faster and finer or, are just thrilled about doing things said to be indecent. Regarding Jaguar cars, the tuner Arden is the most famous one who dare to revise the looks of these British vehicles. But, it has cultivated that kind of architectural revisions and turned it into a generally accepted engineering art. It does its job remarkably accomplished so that it could hardly be accused of desecration of a monument. With the model Arden Type A Lightweight RS, it possibly changes a bit. Arden not only has been throwing out plenty of kilos but the car's entire Britishness.


No club atmosphere inside anymore. Instead of all the fine leather and wood details, the Jaguar tuner put some racing goodies in its creation, such as bucket seats, roll cage and even a fire extinguisher is visibly mounted in the Jag's cabin. May that be done with a Jaguar? Is it a sin and will Mr Arden burn in hell one day only because of that vehicle? At any event, the Lightweight RS will surely meet some people's eye as something disgraceful. For sure, understanding the Arden RS as a kind of refinement of the typical Jaguar flair will lead astray. This definition meets it better: it is a consequently done conversion of an XKR to a road legal race car. A vehicle made to bring another kind of fun than that usually associated with the British luxury make.

Arden A-type Lightweight RS - interior view

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