Arden A-type Lightweight RS - dashboard

Means, the Arden Lightweight RS is no offer for traditionalists, more one for purists. For guys who want something of the sort of a Ferrari 360 Stradale or a Porsche GT3, but even more rare. The specifications underlines - as the Lightweight RS' look - Arden's ambitions of creating a real race car. Fitted with a 4.6 litre engine, the racing cat performs 462hp. A 6-speed manual gear box transmits the power of the V8 motor. A box with tip-tronic function can be ordered optionally. No matter which alternative the driver has opted for, he reaches 100km/h in less than 5 sec in pedal- to-medal mode. This is also made possible by mighty 9.5 and 11 inch rims that bear tires of widths of 245 and 285mm.


The wheel's diameter is 508mm, or clearer: full 20 inch. Not less remarkable is the rear wing. It goes as well with the rounded XK body as a funnel in style of that of the Titanic but, function is all that matters with the Arden A-Type Lightweight RS. Says, it ranks among those parts it takes to provide suitable downforce to keep the 1390kg car on the road at high tempos. The Arden Jag's top speed of over 320km/h not only is justification for that mighty thing but a decent rate at the same time. Even if conservative lovers of the brand will curse at it, it is not prohibited to drive races with a Jag, just as well as converting one to a real race car! Arden has done it and, we applaud it!

Arden A-type Lightweight RS - rear section

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