Writing an article on an AZEV wheel is hardly possible without pointing at the company's track record. Already their first design, the legendary and ageless type-A wheel, was an outstanding success and nearly a must in the early 1990's. Later, in the middle of this decade, as cars became more organically shaped, AZEV has launched the C-type whose slightly rounded edges met the taste of the tuning scene as well.

...AND ITS ANCESTORS (type-A, -B and -E)

As striking as the five spoke wheels was the innovative type-E rim. Although its twin spoke design was copied many times, no imitation and no variation of it has enjoyed such a popularity ever and, the E- became a classic as the A- and the C-design too. At the end of the 90's, people looked out for new brands and other form languages and the following wheel designs never reached such high numbers in sales as the first three ones did. Save to say that also the new type-PS wheel will be no more, and not less, than an option to the chromed and high-gloss polished trend rims but admittedly, a very remarkable one.

Its style merges the classic double spoke theme with the typical more simple style of AZEV rims and matches these days sharp edged car design as it also goes well with 1980's cars. Offered in diameters from 18 to 20inch and in width from 8.5 up to 10, it is currently available for large tired vehicles only. Unfortunately!

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