Erich Bitter is back. Connoisseurs, insiders and German car fans know that. The rest just wonders: who the hell is Erich Bitter? But that's no question we intend to answer here. Especially because the official website answers this comprehensively. To be frank, we neither want to tell you much about the impressive Bitter saga nor the performance of the new CD2. The only purpose of this item is explaining - or circumscribing - the car's character and the philosophy behind Bitter cars. After all it represents a species of vehicles made in Germany that is less known mainly because of its exponents' rareness which is not to say that they are untypical ones. Moreover vehicles of this spirit come from here - if they aren't manufactured in the U.K.

BITTER ... BUT A CAR THAT IS CERTAIN TO DELIGHT (Bitter CD2, left-rear view)

The character of the Bitter CD2 is similar to that of Alpina vehicles that base on BMW models and have their bodies, whilst Bitter uses components of GM, mainly taken from the Opel shelf, but covers them with its own car bodies. That's one of a few differences between these firms. But idea and philosophy behind them is the same: Both make cars that provide enough power combined with a special spirit working as an automotive sedation pill. As Alpina's BMWs, also the Bitter CD2 is made to get in, to lean back and to push the accelerator as joyfully as drinking a glass of choice vintage wine. Numbers are not so important regarding vehicles of this kind - soul and essence is all that matters. The journey is the reward, reaching a destination is a minor point when using cars like that.

Says, this sort of autos are not that speed-oriented ones which has made vehicles from Germany internationally well-noted, although they really have enough power. They are made to enjoy and relax, not to impress somebody else. In other words, the Bitter CD2 is the right one for gourmets to go to a restaurant in pleasant anticipation of a delicious dinner, not to show off at McDonalds' drive in. Bitter vehicles are counterparts to those of Lamborghini. The Italian sports cars are generally liked because of their emotive appearance. They are styled to take onlooker's breath and to accelerate his pulse at the same time whereas a Bitter is designed to avoid any preventable attentions to please its driver the more.

More information on the car and the company come here:

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