Model Experiment

The BMW Z3 Coupe was an absolute new experience and it was not easy to get accustomed to it. Obviously most of us never did. Although the 3.2 litre 6 cylinder straight six is celebrated as one amongst the very finest ever, the wrapping in shape of the Z3 Coupe hasn't gone down well. At least, it's not sold as well as expected. The unconventionally shaped body polarises and provokes sarcastic commentaries. A reader of the German motoring magazine Auto Motor Und Sport expressed his first impression writing that the BMW Z3 Coupe would look like a shabby plimsoll.

BMW Z3 - left side view

On the one hand it's very insulting but on the other the designers had to create a sporty car and seen in that light looking like a trainer could be also a compliment to such a car. At any rate it has deserved this definition. It looks sporty but the rolling edges make it looking a little bit worn out indeed.

Apart from the design, this BMW is accepted as a high performance car of the finest kind and the price is more than reasonable. No other one at this charge generates 321bhp and possesses such a very sporty but well accomplished chassis. It's a true sports car but it lacks the preferred classic fastback of a Porsche 911 or a Maserati 4200 GT. Easy to say BMW had made a mistake to launch the Z3 Coupe in this estate-coupe style. But we say that would be far too easy and don't agree. That's merely half the truth.

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