Because, the 3-Series Coupe is already available with the sophisticated M engine but two classic coupes at the same price and nearly same performance would be nonsense for sure. Furthermore BMW basically offers cars that are everybody's darling and the Z3 Coupe is an option for all those who want to get more than something ordinary. Who ever had expected such an unusual form from the Germans? BMW had proved courage and made experiences that way.

BMW Z3 coupe - left-rear view

Low sales figures never lie but there's much more than numbers show. It all has to be seen in another light too, because BMW profits from its surpassing prestige and has to cultivate this. On the other hand stagnation is dangerous for a manufacturer which is known for sporting cars and progressive technology. Design has to represent what is behind it and technology leaders like BMW just can't afford obsolete designs for long. The unconventional Z3 Coupe was a careful step on a new, and admittedly necessary, way. As far as these steps don't damage the image of BMW, those steps and experiences are worth it. Latest continuation of such attempts at walking on new path is the all new 7-series which was as differently accepted as the Z3 Coupe.

In 2003, the supposed unsuccessful Z coupe will phase out and a successor basing on the next Z3 roadster isn't scheduled. All those who love that unconventional design will go to miss it and those who already own one aren't about to sell their treasure. That's why used Z Coupes are going to be pretty rare on market and prices for pre-owned Coupes will be on the same high level like those of the more popular and well sold Z3 Roadster. Who doesn't like the 'Strange-Super-Sports-Compact-Vehicle' might not care about it but will possibly regret that an alternative, like this one exclusively released at FAST[ZI]NAT!ON, is not available at the local BMW dealer.

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